2nd Gup to 1st Gup Requirements

Testing candidate must be a member of the World Moo Duk Kwan or affiliated country organization to test from Red Belt w/ One Stripe to Red Belt w/ Two Stripes.

Minimum Time Requirements: 6 month

All previous requirements plus:

Ki Cho (Basics)

·       Choi Há Dan Soo Do Mahkee (Ground Knife Hand Block)

·       Bal Já Ba Mahkee (Palm Heels Together Block)

·       Jip Kye Son (Plier Hand)

·       Son Mok Deung (Upper Wrist)

·       E Dan Dwi Ahnesu Pakuro Cha Gi (Jump Spin Inside/Outside Kick)

·       E Dan Dwi Pakesu Ahnuro Cha Gi (Jump Spin Outside/Inside Kick)

·       E Dan Dwi Yup Huri Gi (Jump Spin Hook Kick)

·       E Dan Dwi Dullryo Cha Gi (Jump Spin Heel Kick)

·       Pit Cha Gi (Reverse Roundhouse Kick)

·       Red Belt Combinations


  • Bassai
  • Naihanji Cho Dan

Partner Drills

  • Il Soo Sik (One Steps)
    • Adults: 15-18
    • Kids: 9
  • Ho Sin Sul (Wrist Grabs)
    • Side Grab 1-2; Back Grab 1-2
    • Kids 2 on 2 Wrist Grab 1-2
  • Ja Yu Dae Ryun

Kyuk Pa

·      E Dan Dwi Podo Cha Gi (adults and kids)

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